The Dr. Paul Biire Cossie Foundation is a local non-governmental organization that operates in Ghana. It derived its license to operate legally by law in 2011 under the Registrar General of Companies code 1963 (Act 179) as a Non-Governmental Organization with registration number G-36,728.

We believe in the process of self development of our people; we are dissatisfied with the way poverty, hunger and diseases continue to afflict our people.

The foundation has two executive board of directors and five executive board members. It thrives on a well spelled out constitution that governs its operation and management as well as ensures its sustainability. The organization intends operating on a project-based staffing system where personnel will be contracted to bring their expertise to bear on various projects we intend undertaking. Our focal areas revolve around agricultural improvement, provision of potable water, micro-financing, small -scale entrepreneurship, healthcare and Education.