Our Approach

Our Approach to Sustainable Development

We will use the bottom-top participatory development approach to achieve our objectives. We will work directly with the beneficiary communities which will allow us to associate with the people, listen to them and understand the social and economic difficulties they face.

We believe that the best sustainable development approach should be one which listens to the people and addresses social challenges that are in the interest OF the people, done BY the people to bring lasting benefits FOR the people. Our “bottom-top all inclusive participatory approach” in development work we believe will make all our projects successful and serve their purpose.

We further think the best way to get social projects done is to involve all stakeholders especially the beneficiary communities throughout the life span of the project. We will make good use of the bottom-top participatory development approach in addressing social problems in underprivileged communities. We will over the years initiate several projects in the areas of basic education, Infrastructure, basic health care infrastructure, borehole potable water supply and mechanized water projects for irrigation agriculture.

In pursuit of our development objectives we are committing ourselves to working in close collaboration with the rural people, identify ourselves with the rural people, gain experience and learn new approaches to help advance our development work. Our strength will rest in cultivating and bolstering the perception in the rural poor that an individual can attain economic success and social advancement through positive inducements.