The Dr Paul Biire Cossie Foundation adopted a School in the Upper Western Region Of Ghana in June of 2013.There is a lot of work to be done to uplift the Education and Social Development in the Region.Taking this challenge Head-On the Dr Paul Biire Cossie Foundation represented by Dr Paul Biire Cossie himself donated soccer gear to the soccer team of the School when he visited the learners. We would like the World Wide Community to get involved and join us in our efforts to make a change in the future and Development of the communityas a whole.

The school still needs to be renovated and we would like donations in the form of Books, Solar Power, Water Tanks, Desks for the learners, the erection of toilets and renovations to the main Building of the School. Interested parties can contact Dr Paul Biire Cossie Directly thru our Website or Mobile Phone.