The nature of the Foundation’s stakeholders is made up of a well selected group of people and institutions who share the same strategic intents with us. The diverse nature of our stakeholders offers the Foundation the versatility required by any institution whose nature is to constantly thrive in perpetually uncertain economic and social environments.

The foundation’s Stakeholders are classified into four groups where Group 1 is the lifeline of the Foundation as they bring in funds, goods and services into the system. Group 2 is all those responsible for making the Foundation to produce the goods and services offered by the Foundation to improve the living standards of targeted African Communities. Group 3 are the supporters of the Foundation’s processes to be relevant, compliant, conforming and transparent. Group 4 is where all the efforts of the Foundation are directed to. The beneficiaries receive both economic life improving and those which are social life goods and services in nature.

  1. Cash Flow

    • Equity Partners
    • Donors
    • Suppliers, NPO’s, NGO’s, Trusts
    • Funders
    • Governments
  2. Production

    • Board of Directors
    • Exec Management
    • Full time employees
    • Project based employees
    • Freelancers
    • Volunteers
  3. Process Support

    • Bankers
    • Accountants & Auditors
    • Attorneys
    • Advisory boards
    • Industry Peers
  4. Beneficiaries

    • Social Philanthropic Beneficiaries
    • Economic Beneficiaries