The Dr Paul Biire Cossie Foundation is an institution that supports Education programmes that are focussed on the Education for All (EFA) goals and principles particularly focussing on access, quality (through teacher training and support for Parent-Teacher Associations and School Management Committees), skills (vocational education and training and alternative education programmes) and equity (interventions to target girls, nomadic communities, hard-to-reach remote communities and children in fragile and conflict-affected states). Its target communities spans across needy countries in the African Continent.

When also targeting school dropouts and other out-of-school children, this programme is designed as a route back into formal education for disadvantaged children who had missed out on formal schooling. Key to our programmes is the provision of construction and rehabilitation of schools including provision of water and sanitation. Where practical and in needy poor communities we extend programmes of food security through agriculture training.

We raise funds from individuals, private sector and institutional donors (including governments in African countries where we operate and other international countries). We have two Regional offices which are strategically positioned in the north (Republic of Ghana) and in the South (Republic of South Africa). The location of our offices makes it seamless for our institution to navigate through a wide range of countries to reach our target beneficiaries. We have established a network of like- minded NGO’s at micro, macro and national levels per country of our operation.

Our programme budget expenditure spread is as follows:

Priority Level Programme % Budget Allocation
 1st  Infrastructure for early childhood, primary and secondary learning  40%
 2nd  Targeted Rural Communities learning centres & libraries & books  20%
 3rd  Female-Literacy Programmes and protection  15%
 4th  Adult Literacy to improve parent participation in child learning  5%
 5th  Teacher and school governing bodies training  10%
 6th  Scholarship Programmes for Secondary, under-graduate and post-graduate for high performing underprivileged Students  10%