Welcome to Dr. P.B. Cossie Foundation

The Dr Paul Biire Cossie Foundation NPC is a non-profit company formed and registered in the Republic of South Africa with its subsidiary registered in the Republic of Ghana since 2011 in terms of statutory laws of the respective countries. The Foundation has set its sights to the development of communities across the African Continent in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Foundation strives to design modern, scientific and efficient development models that are sustainable and easy to replicate in order to reach a diverse majority of destitute communities in the African Continent.

The core focal activities of its existence are rooted around the following:

  1. Poverty Alleviation
  2. Job Creation
  3. Promotion of Food Security
  4. Upliftment of Living Standards of Communities
  5. Youth and Women Empowerment
  6. Enterprise Creation
  7. Economic Development
  8. Infrastructure, Telecomm, Energy & Rural Development
  9. Education and Skills Development Programs
  10. Governmental Institutions Developmental Partnerships
  11. Promotion of Social Cohesion

The foundation

The foundation has two executive board of directors and five executive board members. It thrives on a well spelled out constitution that governs its operation and management as well as ensures its sustainability in line with corporate governance best practices.

The Foundation operates on a project-based staffing system where personnel will be contracted to bring their expertise to bear on various projects we undertake.

Through our vast partnerships, our model revolves around investments in agricultural improvement, provision of water and energy, enterprise micro-financing, entrepreneurship promotion, healthcare, education and human settlement.

The Foundation also...

galvanises resources in sectors that foster and complements the enhancement of quality of life in communities.