Our Vision:

To participate in the promotion and the achievement of creation of integrated societies through the development of program models manifesting in improvement of livelihood of African Communities.

Our Mission:

Drive a well-managed entity in which economic growth and social development are in balance with the carrying capacity of the natural systems on which we depend on for our existence and result in sustainable development, wealth creation, poverty alleviation and equity generation.

Our Values and Standards:

Our value system has been developed to guide each of our employees, management and board on a daily basis to realize the vision of the Foundation. The value system embraces the following:

Stakeholder orientation

Provide and deliver quality goods and sustainable services for our target groups based on professional needs assessments.


Encourage honesty and openness when interacting with all stakeholders across all activities the Foundation undertakes.


Focus and concentrate on the Foundation’s core activities in a consistent manner.

Business orientation

Subscribe to and comply with the best business practices on corporate governance.


Report regularly to all stakeholders regarding the Foundation’s performance and challenges.


Conduct the Foundation's business affairs in a fair, responsible, flexible, equitable, honest and within the ambit of the law and commercial imperatives.


Excellence in creation and development of innovative solutions to enhance the impactfulness of our programs in society.

Non-racialism and non-sexism

Promote mutual respect and non-discriminatory policies and practices.

Our Objectives

To Develop and maintain funding models that will insure long-term sustainability of the Foundation’s programs, and integrate previously excluded groups by promoting BBBEE and also investing in historically underdeveloped areas.

Conducting and coordinating social research projects that contributes to address the socioeconomic problems of under-privileged communities, and Providing the youth with various entrepreneurial skills so as to get them self-employed and consequently stem the drift to urban areas


Providing basic education infrastructure in needy communities such as schools, libraries and ICT centres to facilitate learning.


Developing social and economic infrastructure.


Investing in profitable ventures through our investment platforms in order to guarantee cash flows for the Foundation to fund its programs.


Supporting women and youth in rural communities with micro-credit loans, in order to create income generating opportunities that will help improve their livelihoods.

Health Infrastructure

Providing basic health care infrastructure in rural communities to improve healthcare delivery and the general health of our people.

Water Supply

Drilling of boreholes in order to supply water for people in rural communities and also for dry season irrigation agriculture in rural farming communities, to ensure that communities have food security year round.