Wood Recycling business model

Aims and objectives

Our overall objective is to contribute to a more sustainable society and our aims are both environmental and social. We collect and process hazardous waste in the timber industry. Though we collect different types of waste wood, our core speciality is targeted to the collection and processing of railway sleepers made of III class wood.

Our aim is to strengthen the creation of youth and women enterprises to achieve the following:

As a social enterprise, we work hard to ensure that we are financially self-supporting; that all the income needed to run our enterprise is earned through trading and compensation for being collectors of the waste wood. By being financially self-reliant we can help ensure that our future is kept firmly in our own hands.

Storage and Regulatory compliance

Our group has ample storage facilities to take any huge volumes of waste wood for recycling or processing using modern technologies and for general resale. We adhere to all regulatory compliance as required by authorities in terms of all the necessary permits for import and export, transporting, handling and storage.

Advantages of our model

There are many great things about our wood recycling business model – especially that it is:

Income generation

There are two main income streams.